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Utilities to perform common object operations



  • ObjectUtils



Static clone

  • clone(object: any): any

Static getKeys

  • getKeys(object: any): string[]
  • Get the list of literals for a given object. Note that only 1rst depth keys are providen


    • object: any

      A valid object

    Returns string[]

    List of strings with the first level object key names in the same order as defined on the object instance

Static isEqualTo

  • isEqualTo(object1: any, object2: any): boolean
  • Check if two provided objects are identical. Note that properties order does not alter the comparison. So if two objects have the same properties with exactly the same values, but they appear in a different order on both objects, this method will consider them as equal.


    • object1: any

      First object to compare

    • object2: any

      Second object to compare

    Returns boolean

    true if objects are exactly the same, false if not

Static isObject

  • isObject(value: any): boolean
  • Tells if the given value is an object or not


    • value: any

      A value to check

    Returns boolean

    true if the given value is an object, false otherwise

Static merge

  • merge(destination: any, source: any): any
  • Combine a source object into a destination one by applying a deep merge. All properties from the source will be replaced into the destination object, without altering the destination properties that are not found on source.


    • destination: any

      The object that will be overriden with the source one. The given instance will be permanently modified.

    • source: any

      An object to merge into the destination one. This instance will not be modified

    Returns any

    The destination object instance after being modified by merging the source object into it

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